The flexible Tetra Pak Scanima Turbo Mixer offers automatic change between “high shear” and “no shear” during mixing, due to the patented dynamic stator.

Depending on the formulation, the turbo mixer is designed to mix, disperse, homogenise and emulsify within minutes or seconds:
• Lliquid/ liquid
• Liquid/powder
• Liquid/solid ingredients

• Process 25,000 litres per batch
• Up to 70,000 litres per hour
• Dynamic stator
• Change between high shear and no shear
• Designed and built to the highest sanitary standards

Dynamic stator
The unique dynamic stator system in the Turbo Unit can be pneumatically lowered to allow high shear mixing. When raised, the stator enables blending without shear for the addition of larger particles. Also, easy foaming powders can be added even under vacuum with minimum raising of foam.

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