Tetra Almix is a unique and modulized mixer system that includes a variety of innovative and patented features – all designed to make your mixing process efficient, fast and reliable and to ensure optimal quality and functionality of the end-product.

The Tetra Almix portfolio ranges from small and manually operated units to large and fully automated systems.
The numerous available sizes and optional features, in combination with the possibility for customization, ensure that Tetra Almix is the optimal solution for your mixing tasks.

The heart of a Tetra Almix is the bottom-mounted turbo mixer unit. A perforated stator surrounds a high-speed rotor causing a complex flow pattern with high velocity gradients and turbulence levels. The shear and energy dissipation rates in this system are several orders of magnitude higher than in conventional stirred vessels. Consequently, the turbo mixer unit is effectively used to carry out liquid-liquid homogenization, dispersion and emulsification as well as solids-liquid dispersion, dissolving and grinding. In fact – the mixing process is so intense that even powders that are notoriously difficult to wet, such as Pectin and Xanthan gum, are dissolved completely within seconds and stable emulsions with sub-micron drop sizes are formed rapidly with only a few passes through the turbo unit.

An optional add-on feature is the unique and patented Dynamic Shear System which enables the operator to adjust the shear rate during the mixing process - even under full load conditions. A pneumatic actuator system enables the stator to move in and out of the rotor outflow stream and thereby transforms the high-shear mixing into gentle blending or visa-versa. This unique technology allows otherwise separate mixing tasks to be completed in one single mixer and in one single process. The production of an emulsion dressing with added shear sensitive vegetables is an excellent example of this.

Numerous stator types are available to accommodate the need for different mixing intensity dictated by different products. The geometry and area of the stator openings in combination with the rotor speed and rotor-stator size are selected to fit the process. Likewise several types of knifes and propellers are available for mounting on the rotor shaft above the turbo mixer unit. Each type is optimized for specific applications such as cutting fibres, disintegrating hard or frozen lumps or promoting bulk motion.

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