For contact regarding mixing solutions within the categories: Dairy, Ice Cream, Prepared Food, Beverage and Cheese, please contact your local your local Tetra Pak Market Office For further information about mixing solutions outside the above categories you are welcome to contact one of the area managers listed below.
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You need to upgrade your Flash Player South Europe, East Europe & Central Asia
Jan Fauerholt Jensen
mail: Jan.F.Jensen(at)tetrapak.com
tel.:   +45 96 33 10 20
Greater China, South & Southeast Asia,
Northeast Asia & Oceania

Leif BrandtIversen
mail: LeifBrandt.Iversen(at)tetrapak.com
tel.:   +45 96 33 10 33
North Europe, North America
Rasmus Thulin
mail: Rasmus.Thulin(at)tetrapak.com
tel.:   +45 96 33 10 38
Central Europe, Central & South America,
Sub-Sahara Africa, Greater Middle East
Per Kollerup Jensen
mail: PerKollerup.Jensen(at)tetrapak.com
tel.:   +45 96 33 10 45
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