We will enable our customers’ success by supplying them with production solutions and services, with guaranteed performance levels which meet their needs time after time.


Our customers shall see us as an organisation that combines high performance and good business practices with a strong environmental concern:


· We develop production solutions (concepts, lines, products, components) and services, taking into account the complete life cycle, from resource usage and manufacturing to operation and recycling

· Each delivery will be made according to agreed specification, quality, price and Time

· Continual improvement is a natural part in the daily work of a motivated and well educated staff

· We strive to reduce the environmental impact, especially energy consumption, and losses of water and processed product, in the supply chain, in our operation and in our products

· We comply with legislation and regulations, requirements and relevant demands; and consider new possibilities to further reduce the environmental impact of our products and operation and prevent pollution

· We assist our customers in running their operations in an environmentally efficient way by considering their operations in our development and engineering work


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