Toothpaste is a mixture of cleaning agents, antimicrobials and other ingredients. Used with a toothbrush, it kills bacteria, remove deposits, plaque and minor stains from the teeth, gums and oral cavity.

With the high viscosity involved, the toothpaste production process holds a number of challenges. It is manufactured by dispersing various solids into an aqueous base that contains water and other liquid ingredients such as glycerin and sorbitol. The solids include abrasives (i.e. silica and calcium carbonate), thickeners (i.e. CMC, cellulose and xanthan gum), flavors, coloring agents, and other ingredients (i.e. fluoride). For consistent product quality, the mixing must ensure complete and instantaneous dispersion of all solids.

Care is also needed to avoid or minimize air entrapment, which is difficult to remove once the liquid becoming viscous. Improper addition of gums and thickeners to water can form ‘fish-eyes’ or agglomerates that are insoluble. Their removal can lead to long blend times and inconsistent batch quality which, in turn, can lead to instability and more wasted raw materials.

Tetra Almix is perfectly suited for high-viscosity mixing (up to 100,000 cp) and rapid dispersion and hydaration of powders ensure that it will consistently provide toothpaste manufacturers with uniformly high production quality and throughput.

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