Improve production performance

Hair- and skin-care products are two of the cosmetics industry's largest sectors, followed by color cosmetics and oral care.

Most products in these categories are oil-water or water-oil emulsions with a complex list of ingredients. Production requires time-consuming, energy-intensive batch processes. Uniformity requires constant vigilance, proper cleaning is difficult to achieve, and production scale-up for new formulations is an art in itself.

With Tetra Almix, you can rapidly build capacity at the same time you embrace solutions that give you more productive uptime and are easier for your operators to manage.

Proven applications for Tetra Almix include:

  • Hair care: shampoos/conditioners, colorants
  • Skin care: moisturizers, sun screens, cleansing oils
  • Oral care: toothpaste
  • Color cosmetics: lipstick & liquid make-up

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